Use the links on this site to learn about parkour. Learn how to run/land/roll first then read some tutorials about other techniques you'll find in Parkour.

Remember, Parkour is not a list of set "moves", you will learn to move and adapt.


About Parkour

There are fewer predefined movements in parkour than gymnastics and other sports , in that parkour is not made up of a list of appropriate "moves." Each obstacle a traceur faces presents a unique challenge on how they can overcome it effectively that depends on their body type, speed and angle of approach, the physical make-up of the obstacle, etc... Parkour is about training the body and mind to be able to react to those obstacles appropriately with a technique that works, many times that technique cannot and need not be classified and given a name.

Despite this, there are many "basic" techniques that are emphasized to beginners for their versatility and effectiveness. Most important are good jumping and landing techniques. The roll, used to limit impact after a drop and carry one's momentum onward, is often stressed as the most important technique to learn. Many traceurs develop joint problems from training too many large drops and rolling incorrectly. 

Text taken from Wikipedia , Check out their Parkour page for more information.

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