Use the links on this site to learn about parkour. Learn how to run/land/roll first then read some tutorials about other techniques you'll find in Parkour.

Remember, Parkour is not a list of set "moves", you will learn to move and adapt.


Welcome to Cincinnati Parkour!

The scene in Cincinnati definitely got a slow start.. Initial interest started with a few people in late 2003 early 2004. Most of the smaller groups to start were just friends who saw videos and started learning on their own. Eventually these smaller groups met and started training together. Six years later we have approximately 15-20 regular attendees to the open gym sessions on Sunday nights. Smaller groups meet throughout the week as schedules permit. We look forward to more people learning parkour in Cincinnati and hope that everyone interested will train properly. Parkour and Free-running put a lot of strain on the body and its important to workout properly. This page will be getting some major updates over the next few weeks so keep checking for more info!

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